Catamaran Charter in Thailand

European Yachts company offers you skippered, crewed or bareboat catamaran charter in Thailand at the best price. Catamaran rental such as Lagoon, Isand Spirit, Stealth, Leopard, Fountaine Pajot, Admiral, Aquila, Powerplay, Blue Lagoon, Serenity, etc. are available for rental in the following regions of Thailand:
  • Phuket (Yacht Haven Marina, Ao Po Grand Marina, Chalong Pier, Chang Wat, Boat Lagoon Marina, Panwa Pier)
  • Koh Chang (Marina Koh Chang)
  • Pattaya (Ocean Marina Yacht Club)
  • Koh Samui (Marina Koh Samui)
Thailand, with its crystal-clear waters, picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, offers a paradise for sea lovers and adventurers. One of the most thrilling ways to explore the beauty of this Southeast Asian gem is through a catamaran charter. Catamarans, known for their stability, spaciousness, and luxurious amenities, provide an ideal vessel for navigating the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.
Thailand is renowned for its stunning archipelagos, secluded bays and vibrant coral reefs. The Andaman Sea, on the west coast, boasts famous destinations such as Phuket, Krabi and the Similan Islands, while the Gulf of Thailand, on the east coast, features Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao. Catamaran charters offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore these diverse regions, each with its unique charm. Rent a catamaran in Thailand
Catamarans, characterized by their twin-hull design, provide superior stability compared to monohull vessels. This feature ensures a smoother sailing experience, making them an excellent choice for both seasoned sailors and those new to the world of yachting. The spacious decks, multiple cabins and ample living areas make catamarans the epitome of comfort on the high seas. Private catamaran charters in Thailand often come with the flexibility to tailor your itinerary according to your preferences. Whether you seek a tranquil escape or an adventurous journey, you can choose the destinations, activities and pace that suit your desires. From exploring vibrant coral reefs to lounging on pristine beaches, the options are as diverse as Thailand's landscape.
Chartering a catamaran in Thailand typically includes the services of a professional crew, including a captain and a chef. This ensures that your sailing experience is not only safe but also enriched with local knowledge and culinary delights. The crew is familiar with the best anchorages, snorkeling spots, and hidden gems, enhancing your journey with insider insights.
With a catamaran, island-hopping becomes an exhilarating adventure rather than a logistical challenge. Sail from one tropical paradise to another, discovering the unique character of each island. Whether it's the vibrant nightlife of Phuket, the limestone cliffs of Krabi, or the serene beauty of Koh Phi Phi, a catamaran charter allows you to experience the best of Thailand's islands with ease.
Thailand's underwater world is a treasure trove for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Catamaran charter in Thailand provides easy access to some of the world's most renowned dive sites, such as the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock. Explore vibrant coral gardens, encounter diverse marine life and witness the mesmerizing beauty of the Andaman Sea beneath the surface.

Skippered, Crewed or Bareboat Catamaran Rental in Thailand

Thailand catamaran rental is available on our website. We have a wide selection of catamarans which are designed with luxury and comfort in mind. Spacious cabins, open decks and a stable cruising experience make them an ideal choice for a relaxed and pampered sailing vacation. The consultants of our company will help you to select the catamaran in Thailand and hire a skipper or crew and to arrange the best route. Bareboat catamaran rental in Thailand is also available.
Embarking on a catamaran charter in Thailand is more than a vacation; it's a journey into the heart of Southeast Asian beauty and hospitality. From the vibrant marine life to the rich cultural experiences ashore, a catamaran allows you to immerse yourself in the best that Thailand has to offer. So, set sail on a voyage of a lifetime, where every sunset paints the sky with hues of orange and pink and every day brings new adventures on the enchanting waters of Thailand. You can view the prices of catamaran rental in Thailand in the Booking section.